Sunday, September 7, 2008

Little Ruby v. Elizabeth II

Elizabeth II claims lands and resources through a governing body called Canada. This is an untruth. A falsehood. A harmful lie. The question is one of the nation state. And, it involves more than mere consultation: it is about nation-to-nation negotiations regarding a new nationhood Charter. It is NOT about reverse onus. The following IS about acceptable nation building in a composite world of diverse cultures and aspirations; where respect is the cardinal key to survival of the individual and the state.

Little Ruby is a 15-year RCMP officer; and, a daughter of a Coast Salish native family legacy that stretches back more than 10,000 years.

Her quest is to achieve a safe place for her children to live and be educated. Elizabeth II disagrees and disavows her fiduciary duty.

And, now the unfolding of the repercussions where the Crown fails: HBC.

The United Nations Credentials Committee 2 will receive The Little Ruby Council's petition to challenge Canada's claim as a state nation in deference to that of the non-abandoned, non-relinquished governance of Coast Salish people and that of other indigenous people of North Turtle Island - Canada.

The expression of claim to respect and right of land by Little Ruby is not a solitary voice; rather, it is a rightful quest of all indigenous people of Earth. And, it is a question to government and corporate bodies who continue to propagate agendas that destroy the established governance of people who have enjoyed lands and resources for more than 10,000 years.

Today, Little Ruby and her Council have elected to submit a Declaration of Claim upon Elizabeth II and her constitutional corporation Canada 3.

This Petition will include a citation against the church bodies who are in league through an historical and continuing Proclamation of Rule commonly known as Terra Nullius. And, this Declaration of Claim will reach forward to the Nobel Peace Foundation in an effort to establish a global voice against this corporate agenda of rule that causes harm to the first citizens of lands.

The dedication of the Declaration is toward the children who have been victims of the assimilation and genocidal policies of The Holy See and The Church of England and Elizabeth II.

And, this rightful charge warrants an examination by the United Nations to issues of war crimes - both historical and continuing; where children were snatched from parents and placed into refuge camps called Residential Schools; where thousands died through torture and policies of hatred to traditional, allodial entitlements of language and custom : to respect : siem'stum.